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confirm it, with plugin.video.youtube-6.8.10+matrix.1.alpha1 all music videos playing again.

Thanks for quick fix, well done.
(2021-02-11, 06:54)anxdpanic Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry I'm not seeing an issue in the log, and not sure how to resolve this currently.

I follow this to configure API, but I don't see "Settings -> API -> Enable personal API keys = ENABLED".  The version is 6.8.9.

Method 1
Configure the add-on:
Settings -> API -> Enable personal API keys
Settings -> API -> API Key
Settings -> API -> API Id
Settings -> API -> API Secret
the problem is that it pops up at random... whitout any advice or somethings similar. Other time i have restart kodi on my Pi2 by SSH and the addons it's back to works. Other time restart kodi or physically my Pi2 boards it's not help to resolve this issue.

as I said... the next time i see this errors i goes on Logging and i enabled the debug log "on the fly" (whitout reboot kodi or my pi2 board) and try to reproduce and i try to post the result here. I know it won't be like debug it's enabled from the boot but maybe some more information appears in the log....
@anxdpanic thanks for the fix on alpha version for videos not playing.

I can't seem to get opus audio with any video. Only can get aac at 128kpbs and 96kbps.

Have tried changing mpeg dash settings to vp9 and input stream resolutions. Only can get aac audio in all videos.

Opus only shows as audio only selection in video stream selection.

Any way get opus audio as default?

Hi, i have question regarding subtitles, is it possible to make so that addon have option to select subtitle from kodi normal subtitle menu after video is already playing, since in corrent solution if you enable subtitle then addon ask you any time you open video what subtitle do you want and i think that better option is if this can be selected manualy after video is playing if you want to display it or not
Can also confirm that 6.8.10-alpha1 is working. Thank you. Much appreciated.
(2020-09-07, 19:54)anxdpanic Wrote: [ -> ]Latest in-development version: 6.8.10-dev
Wiki: Installation#in-development-versions
[fix] fix javascript player retrieval and playback of some videos for affected users |contrib: thomazz-nl|
- Invalid URL 'http://': No host supplied
Just want to thank you @anxdpanic  for the 6.8.10 alpha. Youtube add-on stop being able to play in the middle of the evening ~48h ago (on the 10th late at night GMT) between two songs. Confirmed issue `Invalid URL 'http://': No host supplied` on 2 kodi setups. 6.8.10alpha fix does the trick (music blasting in the background). Cheers!
(2020-12-14, 18:33)anxdpanic Wrote: [ -> ]@angelitto 

1. Create a playlist and name it something like 'Kodi Watch History 01' (really what ever you want)
    - In the add-on this can be done by opening the Context Menu on a video and choose 'More...' - 'Add to...' (you'll be able to create a new playlist here)

2. In the add-ons Main Menu choose 'Playlists' then open the Context Menu on 'Kodi Watch History 01' and choose 'Set as History'


The add-on will add videos you watch to the playlist you created, and recommendations will use this playlist for recommendations. This won't sync your YouTube watch history, but you will be able to access your Kodi watch history from other YouTube platforms. I hope that helps.

Hi thanks for the tips, i export my watch later csv files from google, and the e watch later playlist worked fine here, but somehow it doesnt have an watch history csv file as well ,i follwed the step manually found YouTube gave an error. I am running the latest youtube updated on github with kodi 16 , error log
was linked below,any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Btw anyone could get the watching history worked?

Thanks @anxdpanic for fixing the issue for the videos that were not playing. I can confirm that with 6.8.10-alpha1 is working fine now.
Do you anticipate forcing a 6.8.10 update anytime soon for those unable to handle the manual installation?

Thanks for all you do to support this addon.
Do you think it is possible to have youtube-dl as a back-end for this addon? Youtube-dl updates almost every day and can provide proper links to youtube videos
I think there was an issue which was why the current method was used. I can't recall what that was now, so I will look into it for the future.

No, that would result in 720p or lower resolution only, and it is much slower for our use case.

You need to create a YouTube playlist, then in Main Menu -> Playlists, use the context menu on the created playlist and choose 'Set as History'. This will be a Kodi only history, the only option currently.

I have one or two more issues to look into, I'm hoping for this week though.

InputStream Adaptive doesn't support the OPUS or Vorbis audio streams currently.
Both of my Intel NUC's running Libreelec and the YouTube addon "unofficial 6.8.10 alpha 1" display the "Watch Later" folder which has been working perfectly for years. Both of my Windows desktops running "6.8.10 matrix 1 alpha 1" will not even display the "Watch Later" folder even though I selected it during setup.

- Intel NUCs run Libreelec 9.2.6 (Kodi 18.9)
- Windows Desktops run Kodi 19.0 Matrix RC1
A tip for those who use the yatse remote app to control kodi

You can browse the youtube app on your phone for video you want, hit share then select the yatse icon play with kodi

This will send the video to the youtube addon here on kodi and play.

Much quicker than searching inside kodi for videos.

Can also queue more videos from phone just select queue on kodi from share button also
(2021-02-11, 06:54)anxdpanic Wrote: [ -> ]I've updated post #2 and the repositories with 6.8.10~alpha1
[fix] fix javascript player retrieval and playback of some videos for affected users |contrib: thomazz-nl|
    - Invalid URL 'http://': No host supplied

Another great fix, thanks a bunch!