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(2021-10-21, 23:43)shedrock Wrote: [ -> ]I am not sure what I may be doing wrong here but how can I get YT videos to playback in 1080p? It seems all I can do is playback in 720p. I have it set to 1080pLive/720p.

The Youtube plugin needs "InputStream Adaptive" plugin to be installed and configured in Kodi for other video resolutions.

(2021-10-21, 19:22)ivanmara Wrote: [ -> ]with 6.8.18.alpha6+matrix YouTube working perfectly! no buffering ... thanx!
Same, my problems with buffering of all content disappeared when I installed the most recent alpha.
(2021-10-22, 05:41)jonib Wrote: [ -> ]The Youtube plugin needs "InputStream Adaptive" plugin to be installed and configured in Kodi for other video resolutions.
Where do I find that?


since a while youtube playback freezes quite often. I checked network etc. - but it's only in youtube!
Then i noticed: it seems to be only with SOME videos. Most likely: newer videos!
For example:
this ALWAYS freezes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-fpLmJHLvw
this NEVER freezes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY7GnAq6Znw
i tried:
RPI4 with Kodi 18
RPI4 with Kodi 19
RPI3 with Kodi 18
Libreelec X86_64 with Kodi 18
-> all the same.
Choosing lower resolution hardly makes a difference.
Any idea why - and how to fix this ?
(2021-10-22, 16:27)kiai Wrote: [ -> ]Any idea why - and how to fix this ?
Have you tried reading messages in this thread? The last ten pages of posts are almost exclusively about it.
(2021-10-22, 15:41)shedrock Wrote: [ -> ]
(2021-10-22, 05:41)jonib Wrote: [ -> ]The Youtube plugin needs "InputStream Adaptive" plugin to be installed and configured in Kodi for other video resolutions.
Where do I find that?

Add-on:InputStream_Adaptive (wiki)

(2021-10-22, 22:10)jonib Wrote: [ -> ]Add-on:InputStream_Adaptive (wiki)
Thank you.

I'm trying to create a playlist (.m3u) with 24/7 YouTube Live videos.

If I use something like
#EXTINF:0 type="stream", Video name

Kodi can't play. But this works:
#EXTINF:0 type="stream", Video name

The channel streams 24/7, but sometimes the videoid changes, so I can't rely on it. The right way is by using channel URL appended by /live, like
this URL redirects to the live video.

But Kodi also doesn't know how to handle that type of URL. Is there any way to fix that? Maybe something like
I can't edit my previous comment, so just adding that I got it. It turned out to be unrelated to this YouTube addon, but I'll say it here anyway as it may be useful to someone. I installed plugin.video.sendtokodi, which created a repository "SendToKodi Add-Ons". Then opened it and installed "sendtokodi" addon. Now Kodi can open URLs like this:

I don't know if it's possible to achieve the same thing with just YouTube addon, but anyway it's solved.
With the beta 6 the freezes are gone, but so went the 1080p resolution.
I’m getting 540p with DASH and 720p without.
The 4th beta worked fine with 1080p, but started freezing on most videos a couple of days ago.
RPI4 with Kodi 19

plugin.video.youtube-6.8.18.alpha6+matrix.1.zip installed. Inputstream

I get no sound with [email protected]

720p works with audio

Audio Only works.

Weirdly when I ask to pick resolution, the 1080p has an audio rate of 128.

1080p (mpd h264 / [email protected]) = no audio
720p (mp4 h264 / [email protected]) = audio
360p (mp4 h264 / [email protected]) = audio
(2021-10-17, 23:02)jmh2002 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2021-10-17, 22:59)nycman Wrote: [ -> ]jmh2002 are these the ones to try?

See my post just above. I took the time to give you the exact details.

You need this version for Matrix: plugin.video.youtube-6.8.18.alpha3+matrix.1.zip

PS: per my post here with a copy of the release notes you will need to sign in again - twice:

Hi, new to this forum and I would like to give a huge thanks for your efforts which solved this issue.

Up until about 3 - 4 weeks ago my rPI4 Kodi/ Youtube addon was performing perfectly. After that, videos seemed to buffer more and more, then the last week it was unusable.
Thought it was the wi-fi from my boiler's thermostat clashing. Nope.
Tried updating the youtube addon, no luck.
Trawled forums suggesting cache needed emptying. Long winded procedure to download/install addon to do that, plus it nagged me to subscribe to VPN so I uninstalled.
Increased memory buffer. No luck. Videos now took longer to start.
Thought Kodi may have corrupted so reinstalled it, no luck.
Tried another OS (OSMC) but that doesn't support YouTube (to my knowledge)
Downgraded Kodi to v9.2, HDMI connection constantly dropped.
Considered buying new microSD card in case existing one was wearing out. Didn't bother in the end.
Reinstalled Kodi to 10.0, and activated debug logging. Showed errors indicating source not available. Warning box indicated source too slow.
Set maximum channel number on my router, no luck
I can watch youtube on my phone without any issues so can't be wi-fi transfer rate.
Moved router from desk to floor upstairs (away from electrical equipment). No change
Moved Pi upstairs so in same room as router, and used ethernet connection. No change.
Found this forum, and despite having not used Alpha or beta software before, gave it a shot. Nothing to lose doing so. URL reported 'could not connect' error so using another PC I downloaded zip file, copied it straight to Pi's sd card and installed addon.

Copied youtube API keys from backed up json file.
Started youtube addon again and played back video. Virtually no buffering at start. Completely smooth playback. Success!

It's been a ball ache trying to find the issue when it was the previous YouTube addon.

Huge thanks again for working on this latest version. Without tempting fate, let's see how long this one lasts before Youtube put their foot in it once again. Hopefully a long time.

Best regards
Out of curiosity, what was the fix for bufferring? Could you point me to the specific piece of code or GH commit?

Actually, this buffering issue was driving me crazy. My Pi4 is connected to a Gigabit network and my appartment has a Gigabit Internet connection but my kids couldn't watch even 480p cartoons. And with the latest version it works fine. However, I have troubles with login to Google. The addon keeps asking me to open a Google login page even if I have completed a login successfully. It says you need to login 2 times but in fact the addon jst keeps asking you for login. Fortunately, you can watch videos without being logged in.
Is it expected that these most recent alpha builds have a new dependency on python3?

Was hoping to resolve the buffering issue on my Krypton box.
Hi, as many here, I got youtube slow playback (buffering). I am on libreelec
1 - To easily fix it, you need to be a developper. I am not like many of us.

So here what I done to NOT fix it :
A - Downloaded Youtube addon alpha version for matrix kodi (yeeyyy) on github, by downloading zip file of all files in github repository.
A bis - Installed also input stream adaptive, I read below that it should be installed (dunno why) : https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:InputStream_Adaptive
B - Tried updating youtube addon by selecting zip file doanloaded below on my librelec computer : It says about problem with python.
C - What with python now ? I didn't found it where I see java and other developpers things.

I read this : https://kodi.wiki/view/Migration_to_Python_3
I am not a developper !
I see Python  2.20 is required by Youtbe addon, but I read everywhere that Python 2 is on Kodi 18. I am on kodi 19.2 and It says it need Python 2.20.
I read everywhere else Kodi 19 is Python 3.