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Full Version: tinyMediaManager v4 and future plans
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personally I am also disappointed by this new paid version. I find it unfortunate that the limitation is on a number of items displayed.
It's not really the price; but I very occasionally use the program for pay.
So for the part I will stay on version 3; I just hope it will keep working.

Otherwise good job!
(2020-10-22, 13:29)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]so lets calm down and go a step back

Im calm ..... but it semms you not.

Im sorry if you think im wasting your time ....
I tought it woulde be nice to have a chat with you ... but ...

I want to thank you for your time and efford you invest in TMM ....
I dont want to be the reason you stop it .... so good luck ...
Lets relax.. its a pretty simple formula, does the tool provide more than $10 of value a year.  If it does great, if it doesn't then don't pay for it but don't moan about it either.  This thread should be locked the die is cast and its not adding anything useful now.
(2020-10-20, 09:47)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]yes we have considered that but due to piracy concerns we've decided against that - if lifetime licenses find their way to license keys sites, we're kinda doomed because we want to avoid live online checks for license validation. We've already spoken to other developers with such a setup and they told us that this IS an issue and they would not do that anymore..
I just don't like yearly subscriptions, which is why I have lifetime for all of my other software...I'm lazy Tongue
I don't completely understand the concern if it is open source.
If you you don't want to do online license validation, what about a yearly key for lifetime holders? Or something. I don't mind changing my key...I just want to spend ~$50-60 USD upfront now and not worry about it for a while. I figure at some point you'd want to make new "lifetime" which I've seen and I also understand.
I’m also still resisting the multitude of monthly charge subscriptions everyone has jumped on. I blame the consumers for accepting this practise and enabling it. I like the software but its an absolute far cry from ranking up there with another life long subscription worth it, so I’ll look for alternative ways of handling my media as I suspect the free version will eventually die if the sub takes off (and I only want to manage file names). I suspect the real issue with anyone who does experience displeasure here is that its ‘become’ paid. But yes, no one is holding a gun to anyones head and forcing them to use it. I do appreciate that folks should not have to work for free though and its a cool tool, so good luck.
I also just bought a license. Price is fair and  tmm is really useful for me.
Thank you for  your work
I have a problem with the files to be excluded from the search, TMM V4 latest version of the day.
I need all 6 sources to be present in TMM:
Data source:
A+B+C + 1+2+3
Sources to exclude:
This allows me to move a source file:
A to 1
B to 2
C to 3
But the 1+2+3 sources excluded in the settings are still scanned when updating the files and that's what I don't want ...
A bug ?
Thank you for your help
PS: I don't mind the subscription, I've already participated and love this app, fan since the beginning, well done guys!

Edit: If it would be possible again, to put the extrafanarts in a folder like it was.
Or an option that you can choose from in a folder or not.
I renamed cleaned my database and in fact I no longer have any extrafanarts on Kodi 18.9 and also tested on Kodi 19 ...
(2020-11-17, 19:10)lepoilu Wrote: [ -> ]A bug ?

not really... just a use case we did not count in Wink I will add this for the next version
(2020-11-17, 19:10)lepoilu Wrote: [ -> ]Or an option that you can choose from in a folder or not.

you should have some options in the artwork settings, where you can choose the old behavior (but that should have been pre-set in the upgrade process - I will investigate here)
I selected the option Image  then rename/clean and everything is ok !

Thank you so much
(2020-11-18, 20:24)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]
(2020-11-17, 19:10)lepoilu Wrote: [ -> ]A bug ?

not really... just a use case we did not count in Wink I will add this for the next version
Foolproof efficiency, now fully functional !
Thank you Wink

There is a small problem in the series columns, it is no longer possible to sort by title, year etc.

It works for movies :

Image Image

Thank you
that has never worked, because for TV shows we do have a tree structure and no table - so sorting is basically not that easy.
we may implement sorting on just one level (e.g. TV show) for this, but this is kinda hard to achieve and has a low priority for us
Thank you for the explanations.
I totally understand, it seemed to me that it was functional, I was wrong lol.
Thank you !
I am curious why are you so against implementing anime support, especially now that there is a paid license which means you open up for a bigger demographic.
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