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Full Version: No Background picture
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On the Videos section on the main menu the background image has vanished, all the other menu item images display but videos is just black. If I go into videos the background is the settings image (cogs).

I've tried to replace it woth the one from the repo incase it had been corrupted somehow but that didnt work either. Any suggestions ?

Kodi is 18.8 on Librelec 9.2.4 and amber 2.2.23 from the kodi repo

I've just updated to 3.2.99 from the Amber Repo but it's still the same
(2020-09-08, 20:05)brainwaster Wrote: [ -> ]I've just updated to 3.2.99 from the Amber Repo but it's still the same
@brainwaster , my apologies for the late reply.  Were you able to sort this out? Amber version 3.2.99 is the latest.  I cannot replicate this problem, but you can always assign the default background back to the Videos menu.  Do the following:

1. Go to Settings, Skin Settings, Home Layout, and select "Customize Home Menu and Shelves"


2. Find the Videos menu item, and click on "Select Background" on the right


3. You should get a dialog like this:


4. Go down until you find "Default Videos Background"


5. Once you select that, you can go back to the main menu, and the Videos background should be back to default:


Please let me know if this works out for you.  Thanks.


Hi Bart, that didnt work as I dont have the default backgrounds options, I cant scroll. I have grabbed the image from the repo and copied it to my media pc, I then just pointed the single image at the pic. In the select background part this is what I have (I've also gone back to v2.2.23 as the new ver was doing wierd things in my video section and 2.2.23 doesnt.