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Full Version: Do you backup Kodi websites, forums, ​​​​​​​servers and all GitHub repositories?
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Just read this blog post by the Libretro Team (RetroArch, Libretro, and Lakka developers) about how a hacker recently vandalised their buildbot server and GitHub organization.

Got me curious if the Kodi Team have off-site backups for all websites, forums, build servers, all Kodi/XBMC related GitHub repositories, etc. in case of a similar catastrophe?


To summarize they have basically been the victims of a planned malicious cyberattack by a black hat hacker who wiped some of their servers and most of their GitHub repositories.

They have a follow-up blog post:


The lesson they learned from this experience is to be sure to have automated backups of everything that they do not wish to lose.