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Full Version: BUG:L topology.xml missing from beetle-saturn (not created during installation)
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I installed it from the kodi repository but i just didn't get any gamepad active on it(actually nothing at all).
I installed yabuse and that 1 did offer saturn controllers. So i went looking into the userdata of the both and it turned out the beetle-saturn didn't had the topology.xml
which is needed to get the input to it.
Thanks for the report! You're correct, beetle-saturn has a non-trivial topology (which would be just one player with one controller, assumed when topology.xml is missing). The mapping is evident here: https://github.com/libretro/beetle-satur.../input.cpp

It's unlikely I'll be able to create a topology.xml in the near future, so I would appreciate help. Yabause is a good template. The difficulty with Beetle Saturn is that the topology is defined by settings. I think we should create a topology.xml for the default settings, which would allow for input, and then figure out what we need to handle settings-dependent topologies.

I see references to RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_GET_INPUT_BITMASKS"beetle_saturn_multitap_port1" and "beetle_saturn_multitap_port2". If we need to parameterize these settings, I can start thinking of ways we can do so.