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Full Version: Reinstallation Issue-sorry such a novice
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After 2 back to back total computer failures I am finally back up and running but have two questions about Tinymedia.
1.  Is there any database or setup information I should rescue from the old dead drive to import into the new installation?  I could not find any info on this.
2.  I donated previously but when I try to register it doesn't find my donation.  How do I get help with this so I can update the product and use it fully?  

1) copy the whole TMM folder?
It's everythin in there...
All user settings and databases are in /data/ folder

2) Donation was for TMMv2
TMMv3 has no registration - it's the 'full' thing
For upcoming TMMv4, please read https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=356940