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Full Version: Wanna have OSD with more infos.
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I'm looking for a video osd with more information like in MOD2.
Is there anyone who can give me a step by step guide what i have to do for a better osd in the standard estuary skin, please?

Thank you.
I'm not a Kodi skinning expert, but what are you expecting from "more information" and "a better OSD"?
Also, v18 is basically EOL already. Matrix v19 has started already.
I just wanna change the OSD, for that i do not want to install an overloaded skin like Estuary MOD2. But the OSD from Estuary MOD2 has more buttons, codec info and so on.
I use Estuary MOD2 in the living room. But in the sleeping room is a minimal kodi setup. The standard Estuary fits my needs there, but the OSD has to less information.
I wanna modify the xml files, but i have no skills in skinning.
I haven't looked into Mod2 much. Most likely everything which is shown in a skin is either done via Infolabels (see: https://kodi.wiki/view/InfoLabels ) or in regard of Codec info via images. If those images aren't present in Estuary, you are able to copy them from other skin and implement them. I might have looked at the wrong source, but in regard on Estuary Mod I just found a Texture.xbt file which contains most of those images, IIRC. Maybe there's another source you can get the images from. In the end you need them to implement them.

It's not rocket science but also nothing which is done in 5 minutes Wink