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Full Version: Help with non-working animation
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can anyone explain to me why this control doesn't get animated? It just stays stationary at the "end" position.

    <control type="group" id="3000">
            <camera x="438.5252" y="10" />
            <visible>Control.IsVisible(57) + !Control.IsVisible(3001)  + !Control.IsVisible(3002)</visible>
            <control type="group">
                <animation type="Visible">
                    <effect type="rotatey" center="0" start="-11.25" end="11.25" time="400"/> <----this doesn't animate
                    <effect type="rotatey" center="188.5252" start="-11.25" end="-11.25" time="0" />
                    <control type="image">

/regards Tomas
As a guess, it'll be due to the fact that the control's visibility never changes. It only ever gets rendered (and thus only has a chance to check for visibility changes) whenever the group gets rendered. As the group doesn't render when it's hidden, you never have the animation triggered.

Not sure what the solution is without knowing more about what you are trying to achieve.