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Full Version: Using radarr and sonarr why would I need media manager
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Hi guys,

I am quite new to the KODI environment. I am a torrenter and I download, not stream. I've just setup KODI with radarr, sonarr and jackett.
It's so easy to download Movies and Series. They get downloaded to a temp folder then radarr/sonarr adds .nfo moves to KODI library directory and and renames properly. Also radarr and sonarr monitor the Movie/TvSerie afterward if I want to upgrade quality etc. It's simply working for me until know.

Maybe I am missing something that I don't it exists, but why would need a media manager like Tiny Meda Manager or filebot or even Emby in this setup. What would I gain?
You don't need extra tools for basic metadata information or fanart.
Other tools claim they do a 'better' job than Kodi itself.
And maybe they do. It's up to you to make that decision.
You're very much at the edges of our piracy policy (wiki) here.

But as it's not directly in Kodi it can have the benefit of the doubt, but equally by that it has been moved to off-topic.