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Full Version: Kodi with DVB tuner on AndroidTV Box for FTA channels ?
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I can see FTA Channels directly with an usb tuner stick put on an AndroidTV Box but not with Kodi.
I have ergonomic issues with the couple "FTA Tuner Loader" + "Live Channels".
e.g. I can't re-order the Live channels.

My configuration:
OS: androidTV 9
BOX: ENGEL EN1015K androidTV Box ( strong Ematic SRT202 )
Tuner: Usb tuner stick august DVB-T202.
Kodi leia
Backend: App "FTA Tuner Loader"
FrontEnd: App "Live Channels"

If I trust PVR_recording_software   there is no "generically compatible PVR backend software applications that run natively on Android and have a PVR client addon for Kodi."

Is it possible with Kodi to have an replacement solution of the deplorable couple "FTA Tuner Loader" + "Live Channels" ?
If there is no solution with Kodi, is there any other solution ?

For the sake of the purpose, describing the DVB-T channels available, I have a m3u frequency files beginning like:

and I can have the firmware for the tuner whose name is dvb-usb-it9135-02.fw

My purpose is to have all the channels under only one App, Kodi would be great, but any other possible App will be OK.