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Full Version: rss improvements
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There's a couple of things about the way rss feeds are currently handled that bug me (aside from not being able to select them and open them in the XBMC¬© Web Browser 2000 ™ Wink )

Here are my suggestions for it.

I would like to have an alternate way of displaying the feeds, showing one item at a time. Examples of this are abundant, but here's on at google: http://www.google.com/uds/solutions/dyna...index.html (the horizontal layout at the left)
I've always found the scrolling list a bit distracting, the example above would look much...calmer while not losing anything (imo). Plus, on the XBOX they move very jerky especially when other things are happening.

Some time ago I thought it would be nice to provide an option in my skin to display different feeds on different pages. So for instance in the video library you could have a feed with movie news or releases, and so on. I know this is already possible but I scrapped it because of the distraction, jerkiness (sp?), and space it would take. My example would make this better imo.

In my suggestion the rss feed could behave basically like a fadelabel. Setting the <align> would determine where the channel name would end up, and feed items would fade in and out. A label option could determine the interval of switching.

Now to the probably more beefy part.
I have about 4 feeds set in my rssfeeds.xml. Because the scroller always starts at the first item of the first feed, it can take a while before I have seen the newest items. Which kind of defies the point of RSS.
Not displaying the feeds one by one, it would be awesome if the feeds could be "mixed" and display the items by date. That way I will always see the newest items of all the feeds first. Being able to display the timestamp next to the feed would be the cherry on top.

Hope this makes sense Rolleyes Based on earlier topics I suspect rss is not the most loved territory among the team, but I feel it could really use some tweaks Wink