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Full Version: [RELEASE] Launcher - application launcher plugin for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Xbox
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leo2 Wrote:this is a known issue, I suggest making a batch file that kills xbmc, start the game and restart xbmc after the game is finished.
(in windows you can use taskkill command)

Ok, but i suppose that it's only because XBMC or this plugin is still beta and it will be fixed in future releases, isn't it?

fidoboy Wrote:Ok, but i suppose that it's only because XBMC or this plugin is still beta and it will be fixed in future releases, isn't it?


It's out of my plugin control. I hope XBMC devs will fix it. (but I don't think they will)
leo2 Wrote:It's out of my plugin control. I hope XBMC devs will fix it. (but I don't think they will)

Why do you think they won't fix it?
Yes, why don't you think that this issue can be fixed? MediaPortal for example works fine launching external apps and also Vista Media Center...

I just don't think that launching programs is in the top priority issues of XBMC.
(The "Programs" section isn't even appear in the Home screen)
But maybe I'm wrong and they'll be happy to fix it...
I've managed to add my emulator as a launcher application, but when i try to launch it XBMC freezes. When i CTRL-ALT-DEL out of it the emulator is complaining about lpdd and surfaces or something. Does anybody know how to fix this? Confused
I've installed the Launcher plugin in my xbmc running on Ubuntu 8.04. The biggest stumbling block was realizing that the Launcher subdirectory must be placed in ~/.xbmc/plugins/programs instead of in /usr/share/xbmc/plugins/programs. That's how it finally showed up for me in Games->Applications of the MC360 skin if anyone is curious.

Anyway... I'm running xbmc in fullscreen mode with gdm turned off as outlined in a previous post. I have Launcher configured to run two applications: firefox and gnome-terminal, both of which run correctly in a window in front of my fullscreened xbmc. Problem is, I lose the mouse cursor completely and the keyboard is still bound to xbmc. Any clues how I can change the input focus into the launched applications? If I could do that my last issue would be solved.

no idea how to solve those issues (xbmc doesn't free input controls
(, launched apps don't open in fullscreen because of this))
without a wm yet, but
with a wm in backround you can
install devilspie
mkdir $HOME/.devilspie/

create textfile $HOME/.devilspie/xbmc-mini.ds
(contains (window_name) "XBMC Media Center")

and create one $HOME/.devilspie/xbmc-unmini.ds
(contains (window_name) "XBMC")
(unminimize fullscreen)

Then find the line

elif (sys.platform.startswith('linux')):

in plugins/programs/Launcher/resources/lib/launcher_plugin.py
(in fact this line is here twice one for launching
normal programs and one for launching roms in emulators)

There replace this:

elif (sys.platform.startswith('linux')):
os.system("%s %s" % (launcher["application"], launcher["args"]))

elif (sys.platform.startswith('linux')):
# os.system("%s" % ('killall -9 devilspie &'))
os.system("%s" % ('devilspie $HOME/.devilspie/xbmc-mini.ds &'))
# os.system("%s" % ('sleep 1 '))
os.system("%s %s" % (launcher["application"], launcher["args"]))
os.system("%s" % ('devilspie $HOME/.devilspie/xbmc-unminifs.ds &'))

do the same with the rom launching part some lines below if you need it -
make sure to not replace the original
os.system("%s %s %s" % (launcher["application"], launcher["args"], rom["filename"]))

os.system("%s %s" % (launcher["application"], launcher["args"]))
from above example

If some apps anyway refuse to launch in fullscreen removing the #
in the "os.system("%s" % ('sleep 1 '))" line might help.

As killing devilspie after exiting the launched program didn't work
when i tried i added it at the beginning, so next time i launch an app,
devilspie is killed before. You might want to remove the # here too.
I finally solved my problem with starting Launcher applications both in fullscreen and with the keyboard/mouse focus. I installed the matchbox window manager that is designed for PDAs and Smartphones. All applications in this WM are run in fullscreen mode, plus the keyboard/mouse focus is handled automatically. It works perfectly. The problem now is, it's very convenient to launch applications in matchbox with keyboard bindings set in a very simple configuration file. It sort of makes using both the matchbox WM and the Launcher plugin pointless.
So with this plugin I can run mozilla firefox, does it work flawlessly with flash as well?

Can it work on an apple tv once flashed using the windows patchstick creator? I would like to use firefox on apple tv rather than couch surfer!!!

Many thanks in advance
leo2 Wrote:- The first execution of the Plugin forces you to add an application to launch, you can add more applications later using context-menu -> Add new Launcher.

This does not happen
I installed the latest build from the sticky regarding the SVN builds and now launcher works. Doesn't seem to with the official release.
I've tried updating the save path in settings.xml but it just keeps leaving me with blank images. It will search and find the thumbnails fine, and even clear out the old default skin thumb but it's just blank.
I brought this up with Leo before, I don't know if the thumbnailer works yet... I haven't tried in awhile. I just manually edit that one .xml file that has the paths written for all of the ROMS and set the thumbnail path there. I had to remove the quotes for them to work for me.

Not to take this thread off-topic, but this might be useful for people interested in Emulators they want to launch with Launcher... Check out what "ressurectionx" has been doing http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=660135 very nice collection of ROMs and thumbnails.
Is it possible to launch Dvbviewer Pro using this "launcher 1.02" ?
I read on the other thread that someone had tried it but didnt work (2008-9)
Is this updated after that?

Looking for some media center software that has better UI than DVBV but using still DVBV for viewing TV cause its simply the best.

(Vista Ultimate - DVBViewer Pro)