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Full Version: [RELEASE] Launcher - application launcher plugin for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Xbox
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I would like to confirm that this does work with Vista 32 too. Where are the thumbs stored at? I would like to change one of them manually.
They are stored into the directory you specify within settings.xml
<setting id="thumbs_path" type="folder" source="files" label="30001" default="Q:\UserData\Thumbnails\Programs" />
Spc4 Wrote:some of my Snes ROMS have the file extension .smc and .zip. Can I use both?

fixed in svn. enjoy.
Found the thumbs. Thanks.
I really appreciate the script, but I have one problem. After setting everything up, I go to select a program to be launched and the program is opened in the background instead of taking focus away from XBMC.
new to xbmc (windows) and want to run apps with it.
I put Launcher here C:\Program Files\XBMC\plugins\Program directory\Launcher
But when in xbmc i try and open program plugins it comes up REMOTE SHARE
can not connect to network server. My network is fine and can get movie info ect what am i doing wrong
"\Programs\" not "\Program Dirctory\"
Doh thank you working now.
I am using the mediastream skin any way of linking launcher to the games,app menu instead of having to start launcher. I have made it a fav but that is in system menu.
Quote:any way of linking launcher to the games,app menu

Answer is... yes. Next question please.

Hahaha okay not so funny. I did this with the Aeon Project skin, but that skin is very messy so I don't think that is the *normal way of doing it. What I had to do was find where in the .xml code of my skin was the code/link for the menu items. Once you find that you can modify a working menu item to go wherever you want, like a favorite or Source location.

I think there is more detailed information in the wiki on doing this. When I get more time I will retrace my steps and jot down how I did it for the Aeon skin which might help or not.

Great plugin. Useful. I found a bug in xbmc code that prevents the ShellExecute function withing xbmc win32 code from sending long filenames. It strips the quotes from the parameters.

Your plugin should work with passing long filenames once the patch makes it into the SVN.

Heres the tracker: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/5085
i'll have a play with your patch, thanks.
Is there a way to make this plugin close XBMC(windows) when it launches a program. I have no clue about programing and stuff like that so im completly lost when it comes to this. Thanks
no idea if this is possible, but it would rock if
the launcher would set xbmc into window-mode
before launching the application and set it back to
fullscreenmode when the launched program is quit.

the reason is, that almost every application can't open
in fullscreenmode when xbmc is already in fullcreen.
(in fact xbmc does switch to windowmode this way too,
but too late - means after the applications has launched
or after it quits, one of both)
it works fine when you switch xbmc to window
before launching.

i found two threads which are about similar problems
( though i don't have dual-monitor here, but use
"1920x1080" nvidia 8500-GT):
so it seems thats it is a problem in sdl.

btw gentoo, i686 AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6400+ AuthenticAMD here

Event Ghost is a great way to do any kind of cause -> effect system commands, such as closing XBMC when a different program is launched. It's very easy to use and it has amazing potential.
Eventghost ftw.

It's a godsend after the mess that girder was. If you don't like eventghost there is also HIP.