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Full Version: Shuffle support for music and or music videos?
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I recall thinking "how is it that such a decent media player has no support for shuffle?"
I apologise if this is asked frequently, but does Kodi support shuffle yet?  All I want is for it to pick and play random songs or music videos from my library... I would imagine this would be the most wanted thing on any media player - to not hear your songs belted out in the same order every time...
Maybe it's been done and I just haven't paid attention?
From the sideblade menu, select Party Mode. That will shuffle playback order.

From the Now Playing controls, select Shuffle, which is two arrows in Estuary skin... https://kodi.wiki/view/Music_navigation#...g_Controls

You can create your own playlists, and set the order to Random.

So, I guess Kodi does support shuffle Wink

This is how I achieved it in favourites for music videos
Oh right... reading the title I thought to myself - "Why should those who give support for music now give support for music videos and vice versa..." Blush