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Full Version: JAVA/TMM Conflict with Everything
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EDIT: SOLVED.  There is an option in Everything to 'Automatically include new fixed and removable drives' which were unchecked.

re: Everything(E) Version (x64), TinyMediaManager(TMM)

OK, so haven't used any Kodi or associated products due to limitation on number of actors. Also no JAVA install. Have used E for a year with no probs.  E is a sweet little realtime file search tool I have used to help maintain my AV collection.

Having read that TMM might allow my full collection to be mapped, I installed latest JAVA and TMM on Win8.1 last week.

Every time I use TMM and E concurrently, I get random freezes in TMM and occasional loss of drive access requiring a hard boot with removing external drives due to boot file start-up errors.  (I cannot remember needing a hard boot in years)  Also, E, which normally refreshes in realtime, does not refresh.

TMM seems to work fine without E running and vice-versa.
Maybe you hit a memory bottleneck... I've barely seen that Java is able to cause a hard lock in any system for years - apart from eating up much memory (especially on Java when the OOM killer kicks in)..
Which Java version did you install? I'd suggest to install either Java 11 or 14/15 from AdoptOpenJDK nowadays (https://adoptopenjdk.net/releases.html just take the JRE, the JDK is not needed just for running an application)
There is an option in Everything in NTFS and reFS tabs to 'Automatically include new fixed and removable drives' which were unchecked to fix the issue.