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Full Version: EPG on Main Menu Or In Widget?
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Is there any Skin / Widget or Setting to get the EPG or "All Channels" list on the Home Menu.

I am really just trying to save a single click on the remote so I get that it's a bit much, but it would be nice if it were possible.

I would like that when I scroll over to "Live TV" from the the main menu, it just loads the light EPG, not the Full Guide, but the list of channels with what's playing. I'm not sure what the official name of it is.

That's what comes up when I press select on Live TV. Anyway to have that integrated with the main menu like a Movies, or Tv Shows Widget?
Just an Update the closest thing I have found to this has been the Live TV Spotlight in AURAMod I think. There was also a "Live" Type widget that was ok, it showed the channel, what was playing and how much time was left.

However it is still just a widget where you the logo is taking up the bulk of the space. The liveTv spotlight is much better but it only shows a few channels and I can't seem to figure out how to setup which channels those are.
Use code for widget from mine mod mq6....

(2020-10-05, 16:36)Angelinas Wrote: [ -> ]Use code for widget from mine mod mq6....

Thank you. I will look into this.
(2020-10-05, 16:36)Angelinas Wrote: [ -> ]Use code for widget from mine mod mq6....

Hi, any chance you could give me a little more direction on how to incorporate this? I'm looking here, https://github.com/Angelinas1/skin.aeonmq6.mod but not sure what files I would need to look at to get the code, or where to put it in my current skin artic zephyr 2. Any help is appreciated.
For l,ist in widget use similar like this code

for content use this