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Full Version: OTTTV issue
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I’m trying to get OTTTV from the gentecwiz url and I’ve got to download from the zip file and there’s nothing in there. Also tried other urls and nothing is working. My internet connection is fine, so I’m not understanding why it’s not working
(2020-10-04, 19:22)Mingymoo Wrote: [ -> ]so I’m not understanding why it’s not working

One thing before we continue...

As far as I can find out by searching on "gentecwiz" and "otttv", these are terms which are related to video piracy add-ons. Such add-ons violate our forum rules (wiki) (with which you agreed upon registration) and it will halt all support. Should my findings be incorrect, please provide more details on your URL and where to obtain the add-ons, so we can verify their validity.