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Full Version: using HDHR tuners as IPTV network
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I'm using TVH via LibreELEC 9.2.5 on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4.2.8-36 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v9.2.0.123)

Instead of using the built-in option for my HDHR tuners I configured my 2 tuner HDHR Connect as a IPTV Automatic Network. I have a .m3u file with all the http addresses and other info for all the channels I receive. I've learned to leave the Maximum # streams at 1 or 2 during the initial scanning and I have it working.

However, I'd like to use my HDHR Quatro with 4 tuners. When I configure everything for the Quatro I leave the Maximum # of streams at 2 for the scan and I can get it all setup.

But when I change the Maximum # of streams to 4 so I can use all the tuners it doesn't work with all 4 tuners. I can not record more than 2 programs at the same time. When I add the 3rd program I see in the log an error about not finding an available input for that recording.

I thought it might be the fact that I did the initial scan with only 2 specified, But when I did the initial scan with 4 specified as the max I get the scan failure that I've heard about that suggest leaving it at 1 or 2. I set the Service ID to 1 as suggested and unchecked the Scan after Creation.

What am I missing?