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Full Version: Progress bar overlay doesn't hide
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Hello everyone
First thread on this forum Smile
I have been using kodi for a few years now. I am trying to play my friend's library from kodi, and he is using Plex.
I have installed the plex add-on from the integrated add-on manager.
I can launch the add-on and connect, access the library and play medias (also : adjust video and audio quality, enable subtitles...) fine.

However, a Plex overlay (doesn't look like kodi's) stays on screen when I play a media : progress bar with durations, title and time on top. It stays on screen no matter how long I watch.

I want through all the add-on configuration options in vain. I have this problem only on the plex add-on.

I am using Kodi 18.7 (20200528) on Debian 10. Both kodi and the system is fully up to date. I have been facing this problem for at least one year. (only tried a few times and never realy watched a movie using plex on kodi because this bug is unbearable)

I am looking for any indication to watch medias without the annoying overlay or precisions on where I should report this issue if this is not the right place.

Welcome Smile

The Composite addon might be another option you could try. It's an alternative Plex client, written by one of our team.

There isn't a support thread here for the official Plex client addon, which was produced by them directly (hence why it uses their own custom UI). Questions and reports about it would need to go directly to their site forum (https://forums.plex.tv/).
Hello DarrenHill !

Composite looks great ! I was able to watch a few episodes and the UI integration is a nice plus. However I couldn't watch some of my episodes, which I couldn't watch with the Plex either. I won't dig on that issue though

That sounds like an issue on the Plex side (or on the media itself). You'd be better off on the Plex forums for that side of things.

Sounds like you're heading in the right direction though anyway.