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Full Version: PBS Live
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Still no functional EPG, hard to use this add-on without it. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.
(2022-04-30, 01:11)rocko Wrote: [ -> ]Any news on the guide.

Don't want to sound impatient but wondered if any any idea if or when the guide will be fixed? 
really miss it.
sorry, I easily forget things like this.
best to open a github issue here:

i always monitor my issues

UPDATE: I have opened an issue that you can follow here:
Thanks, looking forward to a fix.
I checked out the PBS website a while ago, and they said they were working on their own addon for kodi, but I seem to recall you had to have subscriber credentials to be able to use it.  It may have limited you to the station nearest your IP location as well, IIRC.
How's this one working lately?
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