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Full Version: Transferring metadata to offline pc
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Hi, I'm looking for the best way to get metadata and artwork and everything onto a pc with no internet.

I've got Kodi with internet at my house and kodi without internet at my dad's house. I'm going to use an external HDD to transfer my media collection at bit at time whenever I visit his house.

Is there an easy way to transfer the metadata from the Kodi that has internet?

If I were to write a script to just copy all the relevant files over, would Kodi know how to use them if it hadn't found them itself?
Your easiest method is to ensure the movies and tv shows are correctly scraped on the internet connected pc.

Then run an Export to separate files... https://kodi.wiki/view/Import-export_library/Video

This will create NFO files that holds all the metadata, and the artwork that was scraped. This will all be saved next to the movie file (so make sure they are in individual movie folders) and next to the tv show and episodes.

Move your movies and tv shows to your other pc, and then run an Update Library on your source. Kodi will scan it all into the library.
Excellent! That's exactly what I needed.

Thank you very much Karellen
(2020-10-09, 02:27)blis Wrote: [ -> ]Excellent! That's exactly what I needed.
Great. Let us know if you get stuck.