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Full Version: Unable to make the BFI Player play
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I am new to Kodi and have put LibreElec on a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB.

So far I have not seen much working, two video add-ons played stuff OK. When trying to use the (British Film Institute) BFI Player, it lists videos but I am unable to make them play.

To simplify things, including the log output, I removed most of the add-ons I had installed and re-installed the BFI one.

Using the Kodi Logfile Uploader I sent a log file:


The word "Error" appears quite a bit including in a reference to BFI:

WARNING: CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(plugin) in plugin://plugin.video.bfi/settings
ERROR: InputStream: Error opening, plugin://plugin.video.bfi/settings

Please don't be put off by the 2019-04 time stamps at the start of the log. On start up, LibreElec is logging lots of stuff before it gets the correct date and time 2020-10-10.

If anybody can point a newby in the right direction regarding the BFI Player I would be very grateful.

Thank you
Looks like the BFI website may have made some changes. The log has 404 responses against the player urls  https://player.ooyala.com/hls/*  and watching on the website I don't see that URL get called.  
Looking for the forum thread, it seemed to have stopped working in August  https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...bfi+player
Thank you for your reply.

I found that August 2020 post when I searched for what seems like a relevant extract from the log, fortunately for me the guy put a small amount of the log in his post. He got short shrift for doing so but he went on to jump through the correct hoops. Sadly his posts didn't elicit a response that records the issue for posterity.

Your post prompted me to go and try watching on the BFI website:
The result I get is:

     Location not authorised
     BFI Player films cannot be played outside of the UK

The fact that I'm currently outside the UK is probably unrelated to either of the errors I see logged:
Error opening, plugin://plugin.video.bfi/settings
Open failed with code 404 for https://player.ooyala.com/ etc etc
As you say, the BFI website may have made some changes and this could be the cause of the second error.
The inability to open a settings file doesn't sound good, I wonder if the settings file could have any impact on the requested URL ?