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Full Version: Slow guide import with Matrix
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I am experiencing quite a drastic increase in time that it takes to import the guide during Kodi startup. It took around 4s with Leia. Matrix at one point took it to around 15s. @phunkyfish asked me to create this thread where he wanted to elaborate on the matter. Looks like in Matrix, a database is used and performance is therefore limited to disk write speed.

PVR client: DVBViewer
Kodi HW: Sony BRAVIA with MediaTek MT5891 (quad-core ARM Cortex A53 @1.1GHz)
Isn't the question how long it takes until you can use the EPG, which with Matrix should be almost instantly?

It is not really relevant how long syncing local EPG cache with backend data takes, because this is done asynchronously. You don't have to wait until this is done.
I typically wait until guide update is finished as I have seen too many crashes in the past when doing things in parallel. Those issues have probably been fixed by now though. Also the BRAVIA isn't the fastest and EPG update doesn't seem to be too easy on the CPU. UI navigation becomes a bit glitchy while EPG is updated. May be due to the frequent OSD updates (% indicator) as Kodi's GUI rendering is quite problematic on low-power ARM Android TV devices anyway.

I now changed EPG preview from 3 days to 1. I typically browse the EPG and schedule recordings via the backend's web interface via mobile anyway. So I don't need multiple days of EPG on the TV. Much faster now.
(2020-10-12, 20:39)ksooo Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't the question how long it takes until you can use the EPG, which with Matrix should be almost instantly?

You know I never noticed that before and I have been using Matrix exclusively for a year, this is good information.   I too have been waiting for the guide load notifications to disappear, because like the OP I found issues in the past.  Maybe for Matrix it would be better to optionally disable these notification like the recording notifications?  I find it hard to focus on the guide when the animation is occurring.