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Full Version: Movie file details not updating
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Need help with figuring out why the title renames in the file name but does not change in the details tab.  When I property click in windows on the movie file and go to details it remains the same default title before I ran the movie through TMM.  Is their a simple explanation for why this is not changing ?  I scrape, then update, then rename/cleanup.  Everything else works great except fails to update the details file name field.  I need to always manually update.
sorry, I cannot follow/understand you.

in the details tab there is no file name?! there is just the movie title/original title AND the path to the movie (not the file name itself). If you rename the movie, the renamer settings from "Settings -> Movies -> Renamer" are taken into account - and if there is no pattern for the folder name is specified, than the folder name in the details tab won't get changed when you rename