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Full Version: Series folders not showing in Recordings list [SOLVED]
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Do you install the Ubuntu addon?

I think in that case the only way for you to get it is for it to be released.

Once it’s released it will be version 6.3.0.
Looks like I will have to wait for it to appear - thanks very much
I just released it. Fingers crossed it works.
Updated version 6.3.0 this morning but sadly no difference. Still no sign of folders or their content showing up in Recordings.

<e2servicereference>1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:/media/hdd/movie/20201014 2300 - Channel 5 HD - Dando_ 20 Year Hunt for a Killer.ts</e2servicereference>
<e2title>Dando: 20 Year Hunt for a Killer</e2title>
<e2descriptionextended>Documentary re-examining the case of Jill Dando's murder, the BBC presenter who was mercilessly shot dead as she entered her Fulham home in April 1999. Two years after her death, Barry George was found guilty of her murder, but following a dramatic retrial in 2008, he was acquitted and released from prison. Now more than 20 years on, this programme looks back at some of the unanswered questions surrounding the case.</e2descriptionextended>
<e2servicename>Channel 5 HD</e2servicename>
<e2tags>EPG ChannelType=TV ChannelRef=1:0:19:1E46:809:2:11A0000:0:0:0: Padding=0,5 GenreId=0x00</e2tags>
<e2filename>/media/hdd/movie/20201014 2300 - Channel 5 HD - Dando_ 20 Year Hunt for a Killer.ts</e2filename>
<e2location>Digging For Britain</e2location>
<e2location>Inspector Montalbano</e2location>
<e2location>The Chase</e2location>
<e2location>The Mole</e2location>
Did you enable the new setting?
(2020-10-19, 20:17)phunkyfish Wrote: [ -> ]Did you enable the new setting?

No !!!

But when I did it works very well - just like I'd hoped - thank you very much
Cool, you’re welcome.
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