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Full Version: Guide no longer working
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(2020-10-16, 22:11)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]
(2020-10-16, 21:50)nonJon Wrote: [ -> ]I fail to see the connection @Karellen. Could you pls elaborate how the pvr client and scraper issues are related; or point me to something that does. Much obliged!
From my understanding, it is due to this... https://www.themoviedb.org/talk/5f8807a3...0037c4f00f which is affecting other parts of Kodi as well as scrapers.
As of this am (2020-10-22), the guide is once again populating correctly. Did Zoltan in fact change his HTTP request to make this so?
if you use a currently v19 nightly build or a v18.9 pre-release: this issue has been fixed in kodi
It started working for me as well. Hopefully if Cloudflare decides to re-implement this down the road, the released version of Kodi will be prepared for it by then.
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