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Full Version: Odroid N2 running latest Kodi and plex addon. HDR issues
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Hello Team,

Frist let me thank the whole Kodi community for such a great player. I have been using it since the first xbox. 

On to my question. So I have been waiting for the new 75R635 TCL, my first 4k HDR tv. So I have a pretty good collection of 4k movies for this day, all of which are HDR. With the built in Roku in TLC with plex installed the tv is picking up HDR. With my Odroid N2 running the latest Kodi and plex with all the settings max my the tv is not detecting HDR even though I am playing the same media that I played on the roku system.  I did think perhaps the tv is out of wack, but the colors looked very dull just as if you we watching HDR on a SDR screen. Is there any low hanging fruits that anyone here can suggest I look in to? Is there any more info anyone may need to help diagnose this problem. Thank you in advance.

With Respect,
There are a few things to know at the moment:

- Which OS are you running on the Odroid N2 at the moment? If it is CoreELEC, I suggest you (also) visit their forum for video-specific / technical questions.
- HDR in Kodi in general is still a work-in-progress.
- The "latest kodi" is always confusing. As time goes by, newer versions can be available, be it a stable release or a new nightly test build. Other users could be using an already outdated version, still thinking it's the latest. So please always be specific there.