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Full Version: using mediainfo.xml for offline movies / episodes (.disc)
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With the new support for mediainfo xml files in v4 i was hoping that this would also work for offline movies / episodes (.disc).
However, I can not get it to work. 

First the movie was added to tmm. 
Mediainfo was visible in TMM and mediainfo xml / nfo correctly created.

I then archived the movie and created a .disc for it (using my own external tool). I edited the mediainfo xml, changed all properties i could find refererring to the mkv to the disc file / extension.

Then I tried several things in TMM (rescan, read media info, remove and rescan etc) but the media info does not get populated. 

Is this a known or deliberate limitation? Or am I doing something wrong?
thanks for pointing that out - we did not support reading the XML file for "unsupported" filetypes (.disc, .img, .nrg, ...)
But I will change that for the next version and your workflow should work then