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Full Version: Buffering on Live TV
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I'm running the latest Tvheadend client on Kodi 18.8 on my Shield TV.  

I get buffering but only when watching Live TV.  The player cache never seems to fill up on it's own.  I get the buffering circle for a few seconds and then starts playing again before the buffer is full.  If I pause until the buffer is full (and then for a few more seconds) the buffer will then stay full, only dropping by a few percent until it gets back up to a 100%.  When I change channels I have to start the procedure over again.  Recordings play fine with the buffer remaining full.  If I start recording Live TV and then immediately watch the in-progress recording there is no buffering and the buffer stays full.  

I'm using the following Advancedsettings but they seem to have no effect on the Live TV player buffer:

<advancedsettings version="1.0">

Is there something else I can try?