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Full Version: Anidb and Specials Broken?
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I'm running the latest ver 4.0.4 of tmm
I've been trying to organise my anime collection and it seems I can't get tinymediamanager to find the OVAs for anime on anidb it seems to label them as the trailers or promos which are numbered as T1,T2, ... etc on anidb where as I want to force tinymediamanger to scrape the OVAs in the category S1,S2, ... I'm losing my mind is this functionality broken or am I missing something? I'm putting my Specials in a Folder "Season 0" and then getting tmm to rename it to Specials. Thanks very much
sorry, I am not that familiar with anidb - could you give me a complete example about your issue, including a show, file namings, season episode, screenshot... whatever is needed to reconstruct your issue