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Full Version: Several GUI issues
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Using the nightly build 4.0.5, I noticed several oddities.
  1. Dialog "Edit selected Episode":
    The drop down for the scraper at the bottom is partially hiding the button ("Scrape").

  2. Wrong (inconsistent) order in context menu:
    While on the first level the order is 1. Read and 2. Rewrite, the order in the submenu "Enhanced editing" is exactly the opposite. For a smooth work flow the order should be consistent.

  3. Toolbar icon and its text below:
    I noticed a very odd behaviour using tMM when trying to click the symbol in the toolbar: occasionally nothing happens.
    The reason for this is not a malfunction of my mouse but a small gap between the symbol and its text underneath. I am used to click in the average centre of the toolbar when picking an item (like probably many other users too), but there is kind of a "blind spot" for the mouse. I never noticed such an "unusual" behaviour in any other software related to toolbar functionality.
    ("Design follows function" – not the opposite)

  4. Settings > TV Shows > Scraper (several issues)
    I am very glad to see that in the latest nightly build (2020-10-22) the mess in the drop downs of the metadata fields was solved. Before there were just double-named entries, but unclear which stand for which (show or episode).

  5. Settings > Movies > Images > Artwork filenames  /  Settings > TV shows > Images > Artwork filenames

  6. In general "text wrapping" (all Settings)
    Sometimes explanation texts get wrapped when you resize the Settings window, in other settings they will not (but cut off at the window edges). I would prefer all texts automatically get a correct line break. Please compare "Font" in "Settings > General" (-> automatic wrapping) and Memory Settings in "Settings > General > Memory Settings" (-> no wrapping) or even worse: the  explanations for Image size and Scaling quality in  "Settings > General > Misc. settings" (-> no wrapping).
Kind regards
thanks for your thoughts.

#1 - sorry cannot reproduce here? the components are resized as they should be?
#2 fixed
#3 this is a little "problem" in fact we created a button (image) and a label below.. the label sometimes triggers the same action as the button (if there is no triangle on the right side) or triggers a popupmenu (triangle). What you are talking about is some sort of split button: if you press the button itself (image) trigger action a, if you press the text trigger action b (or also a - depends on the action). I did not have such a component here so I splittet that up into 2 different components. I may have a look to remove the spacer between so it "feels" like 1 component (where there is time Tongue)
#4.1 changed the wording, because it makes sense
#4.2 this is intentional: we have scraper options which apply to ALL scrapers (left side) and every scraper can have its own options (right side).. do you think we should re-name one of this?
#4.3, #5, #6 this is a common "problem" with such a software. I suppose you are some sort of designer? (because I had this discussion often with my designer too). Your view on this things is with your desired screen resolution, language in EN.. but tmm needs to work with various languages (where texts vary in length) in different resolutions (from _low_ laptop resolutions up to 4k). This cannot be done if you create a "static" layout - you need a layout manager for that which calculates the layout in real time according to the content of each panel. But there are some drawbacks (which I did not figure out yet): in some constellations components grow but do not shrink on resize (as the "line wrap able" text areas), that's why there is sometimes a visual "glitch" if you resize the window... I track some things from time to time, but this eats up too much time for no? benefit (such as today where I wanted to invest my time in ISO parsing problem, but ended up to analyze why the text areas do not shrink)... I hope you understand me that this is nothing we want to ignore, but if there is no "fast/easy" solution, we prefer to put our time to "real" problems. Whenever I find a solution for such an issue, I rework all corresponding areas

Thanks for your suggestions!
Many thanks for your reply.

To #1:
All other components seem to resize correctly when changing the width of the Settings window. The OK/Cancel buttons stay at the right window edge, text fields, tables and boxes with numbers and the date resize as well (at some point). While decreasing the width, the  Cancel/OK buttons will slowly move right beside the Scrape and Scrape episode buttons. Sizing the window even smaller, it looks like OK/Cancel buttons are pushing the Scrape and Scrape episode buttons to the left, which leads to a point where the Scrape button is completely hidden by the drop down of TV show scrapers. Btw: The size of that drop down never changes – neither when resizing the Settings window nor when choosing a very short named scraper like AniDB. (screen resolution: 1920×1080)

Note: This problem does not occur in tMM v3.1.11 (and never happened in v3). But opposite to the behaviour in v4 the scraper drop down resizes at some point when I change the size of the Settings window to a small width (< 596 px) and the OK/Cancel buttons do not (never) push the Scape/Scrape episode buttons to the left to be covered under the drop down control. But v3 also does not include the Universal TV show scraper. Could this have any relation (chronological)?

To #3:
I am aware that symbol and text are two different components. The trouble seems to be that they are not touching each other at the lower/upper edge, leaving that small "dead" gap. I was thinking repositioning the controls might solve that issue.

To #4.2:
As a more or less experienced user of tMM, I know the difference of those two Scraper options, but I don't know for others. One could be renamed to "Scraper settings" instead and in this case I'd suggest it for the one that holds the API key (in the main Scraper settings). Maybe others prefer for a good reason the opposite or are just fine as it is).

To #4.3, #5, #6:
Example what I mean
So it seems possible to define a text control to be wrapped correctly depending on its current window size. My question was (and still is) why this cannot be done in all other cases too and why is the same control type with exactly the same text in one form different to another (see initial post,  image in #5: "NOTE: The above options will create …")?

I am quite aware that text can vary in translations (see below), but as in my example above, taken from tMM itself, all that happens is, it will move the sections underneath a little bit further down (and that is fine).
Anyway, I can understand that at some point you have to make decisions for the (time) cost-value ratio and I respect that.

As you were touching on the subject translations …  Wink
A lot of source strings in the tMM menus contain a form like "… selected movie(s)" to include the singular/plural possibilities. First I have to say it makes reading more difficult and complex, but the main trouble starts looking to translations. In some languages it's not enough just to add a plural "s" to the noun (same way as it is not possible in English for words like "country", "man" or "child" – you have to write "… the selected country/countries"). In English you have just one article "the" and that is all the same for all genders and all cases of the associated noun, no matter if plural or singular – that's easy. Not so in French, German, Italian etc. E.g. in French "The" could be "le" (male) or "la" (female), for plural "les".

So "… the movie(s)/TV show(s) …" will become "… le film/les films/la série/les séries …" or "... le(s) film(s)/la/les série(s) …".

In German it's even worse as also all related adjectives have to be declined to the correct gender, case and plural/singular form of that noun.

Example: "… the selected movie(s)/TV show(s) …" will become in German "… der/die gewählte(n) Film(e)/Serie(n) … "
(We are even lucky, that TV show in German is female and that the female article is the same that is used for plural forms of all genders. I don't want to imagine it to be neuter Shocked )

In addition the verb form is different (conjugation) for plural and singular (example: [EN] it/they can -> [DE] es kann/sie können). You may guess the mess of brackets and slashes and the length of menu items, beside the wild order of articles, adjectives and nouns. Menu commands that should be short and clear become nearly unreadable (and even in English the tMM menu items are already quite long anyway).
In my understanding "... all movies including a number …" would be enough and correct to address a selection even it will be only one movie in the end. In this case the plural form "movies" includes a single movie as well and there is no need for a "movie(s)" form. Maybe you can share that opinion.

With kind regards
Update tMM 4.0.6 nightly [2020-10-27 5:22]Smile

Many, many thanks.
The reported issue (#1: partially hidden Scrape button ) is gone.
Thanks also for changing Images to Artwork (#4.1). I am still thinking the text Artwork filenames (a sub of Artwork setting) could be reduced to just Filenames as we are already in section Artwork, so Artwork is kind of redundant.

With kind regards