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Full Version: No Mediainfo in V4 while in V3 is gets mediainfo without problems
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When uploading from v3 to v4 (paid mode), I have realized that I keep my mediainfo information, but when doing an update of the sources, TMM v4.04 doesn't do the mediainfo.

Do I have to install any component or activate any special option?
if the mediainfo is already done for your entries in the database, it won't be triggered any more (even on update data sources) - this has not changed in v4.
In v4 we have support for even more file formats (BluRay ISOs) and writing our own mediainfo.xml file (if our implementation is able to parse the file).

nevertheless, I know there are some ISOs out there which are not (yet) able to be parsed in tmm - I am already on it.

You can always re-trigger reading of mediainfo if you select your movies/tv shows/episodes, right click an choose "update media information of selected..."

Thank you for your response.  I already know how TMM works, since I have been using it for a long time now, from v2 to v4.  Just to give you some information, I don't have xml files, and when adding the source:
TMM v4 doesn't do the mediainfo
TMM v3 does the mediainfo

Even trying to force in v4 to get media info (contextual menu - update multimedia information for selected movies), it doesn't do anything.  I can't make TMM to fill up the media information, while in v3 I don't have any problem at all.

I don't know if you want me to record a video, send you any log file, or whatever, but I am stuck here withouth knowing what else to try.

Thanks in advanced.
really strange - but I am on a track (since I have a similar issue at gitlab). Could you open an issue on GitLab and post the logs there right after you tried to update media info from one of your movies.
and IF you have activated the new feature to store the mediainfo data as XML, please also have a look if there is a XML created in the movie folder and post that too. Thanks
Yes, I will do right now.  Meanwhile, please look at this video I recorded comparing v3 vs v4 in adding a directory with 3 movies.  One of them has xml file since at some point, in other tmm instance, I get it work.

I hope this is fixed in the next version - I've included some patches which might help you
Thanks a lot for your help.