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Full Version: Universal Movie Scraper stopping midway?
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Not sure whats going on with this one, but it seems like it just stops midway. I have 2 sources set for movies, and the second source seems to stop around the letter "H". Am also using mysql. I realize that there's going to be some movies that have to be manually matched, but 600+ just seems unrealistic when the first result after manually matching is the correct one. From what I can tell, the log doesn't even begin to search for them.

In the Event Log none of them are actually listed.

Log linked below..


Some of your movies are failing due to item 1i here... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=336969
To resolve this one, you can either follow the instructions in the linked Issue report, or change your scraper to the new TheMovieDB Python scraper which reduces the number of artwork scraped to avoid this issue.

Fix that first, then see if the scanning continues. If not there may be a Hash issue as you have attempted to scan and rescan so many times.
You can try to temporarily override the hash system by adding the code on Line 4 in sect 2.4.14... https://kodi.wiki/view/Advancedsettings....deolibrary
Add this code, restart Kodi then don't run a full library update. Instead navigate to your source in Videos>Files, and select Scan for new items in the Context Menu
Does this pick up the missing movies?
Ahhh, thanks mate. Updating the DB column type to be LONGTEXT seems to be working. Chugging along now.
Thread marked solved.