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Full Version: HDR Tag?
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Has there been any thought into putting an HDR tag in-line with resolution tags and audio tags?  Is tag the right word?  Icon, maybe?

The little graphic that shows up in the movie views that shows 1080p, 4K, DTS, etc. etc.
This can only be done by adding a label to the filename itself and checking for it in skin as there's no info label for HDR.
@Litcube , as Hitcher mentioned, the only way to get an HDR flag to display is by having some sort of file name convention (like including hdr in the filename of the video), and have the skin look for that in order to display the flag.

I can, and will, modify the skin code to do this, but first I need someone with the design skills to design HDR/SDR flags that look good with the rest of the Amber flags, or to recommend some that are free to use that I can include with the skin.  Can you recommend some, or are you willing to design the flags for me? Thank you in advance.


(2020-10-27, 22:35)Litcube Wrote: [ -> ]Could this be used?

@Litcube , yes, I think it can be used.  I will test to see how it looks with the other flags.  More to come on this.



EDIT: @Litcube , I received permission to use in Amber a group of pre-made flags.  I will include flags for HDR, SDR, 8bit, 10bit and 12bit in the next skin update.  You will have to have appropriate file naming in order for the flags to show, and I will add an option to either show them or not.