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Full Version: Xbox ONE S can't properly play 4k HEVC 8bit.
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I bought a second hand xbox one s to use as a mediaplayer.
4K hevc 10bit plays fine, video is smooth and no errors on logfile. The same video but in 8bit plays very slowly and logfile shows that DXVA fails

DXVA::CDXVAContext::GetConfig: no decoder configuration possible for 3840x2176 (103).

I checked both files on the computer with mediainfo. They are both 3840x2160. Why does the decoder think it has a different size?
Doesn't affect only this file. Any UHD hevc 8bit file that i download from the web has this problem.
Is this a known but?
As you neither posted your Debug Log nor a mediainfo nor anything else - no one can tell you.
(2020-10-30, 20:16)nikkoaki Wrote: [ -> ]DXVA::CDXVAContext::GetConfig: no decoder configuration possible for 3840x2176 (103).

It means that video driver doesn't provide a hardware decoder for hevc 3840x2176 8bit. 
Decoder uses 2176 instead of 2160 because hevc video decoder frame must be 128 pixel aligned. It's a requirement from the hevc spec. But we use 16 pixel alignment for hevc on Xbox. Can you provide a full Debug Log to investigate the issue why xbox platform isn't detected correctly.