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Full Version: Watched Files Only Updated After Reboot Xbox Oon
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New to Kodi..

I have Kodi running on my PC as a UPNP server. So I can access video/music from my xbox also running Kodi.  Its a great program and works very well after a bit of a learning curve.

However... After I've watched a tv episode or listen to a music file it does not get marked as watched like it does when I run kodi from my PC nor will it change if I manually say its watched.  I tried disabling my firewall to see if this was the issue.. Nope

It only works if I close the app on my xbox one and re-open it. (This is also the case with resume play). Then it will 'remember'. Is there something I have not done? Or is this not implemented yet? Will it be?

Also purely on aesthetics...   It names all the files in caps like this: TVSHOW - 1X01 - PILOT.. and again will not let my change it to look like the setup on my PC.

Otherwise a great App.