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Full Version: Duplicate channels
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Hi all, I've recently got TV setup for Kodi with TVH, but I have alot of duplicate channels from various different frequencies (see sample screenshot here). I have 2 Kodi frontends, so rather than doubling up the 'cleanup', is there an easy way to 'group' all channels with the same name and automatically play the strongest signal in Kodi, OR group the same channel names then delete the weakest signals?
You could use the 'merge same name' when mapping your channels. Alternatively use the 'bouquets' feature to map channels according to your location.
Have you set your location correctly? If TVHeadEnd only scans your 'preferred' frequencies, you should (in theory) only get the channel from your closest transmitter.

Failing that, I tend to disable the 'wrong' versions, as deleting them would mean they come back every time you scan for new channels.