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Full Version: Handover – cast currently playing file to another Kodi instance
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If you have more than one Kodi box in your home as I do, maybe you wish you could simply move to another room and continue watching/listening on different device. While Kodi can natively stream files to other devices via UPnP, this only works for local files and might not be exactly what you want.

This addon looks for other Kodi instances on the network and allows you to start playback of the currently playing file on another device. Devices are discovered automatically and the file URL gets passed in a request to the JSON-RPC API of the target device. Playback time is passed as well, so you can continue where you left off.

The process is very simple: When invoked during media playback, the addon presents a context menu with available Kodi devices. Select one and it should start playing your file Smile

Intended mainly for use with streaming content provided by plugins.

More info and download on my GitHub repo: https://github.com/RomanSmolka/script.handover

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome!