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Full Version: Moved from TV Mosaic to TV Headend - Some issues and questions
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Since TV Mosaic is dying and I have had some issues, I started experimenting with TV Headend based on this guide: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2881106

So far, everything seems to be up and running and it seemed pretty easy at first sight. I have connected TV Headend to NewCS and it seems to be working. I still have TV Mosaic running on the same machine, using the same HD Homerun tuners, Phoenix Smart mouse and NewCS installation.

I have the following issues/questions:
  • Does NewCS work without the plugin in the tuner folder? I think this is something specific to TV Mosaic/DVB Logic, so, I guess yes
  • Would it be possible to auto start Ubuntu in the WSL, mount the drive on the Windows machine (that I am using for recording) and start TV Headend?
  • Is DVBJCam still needed? I think this is something specific to TV Mosaic/DVB Logic, so, I guess no, it is not needed
  • I have had some crashes of the server that I can only solve by rebooting the Windows host and restarting everything. Could that be caused by deleting a recording? Because,  I have the recordings on a mounted Windows share
  • The recording padding seems not to be working. Recording starts very late and ends way too soon
  • Sometimes I get the notification "No free adapter available" what is the cause of that?
Currently I am not really eager to uninstall TV Mosaic as I am still depending on it quite a lot. All help is appreciated!