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Full Version: HBO Max
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Add-on settings > Playback
Subtitle Allow List: en,es
Default Subtitle: en

That should do what you want

As for buffer - the add-on needs to use Inputstream Adaptive for playback.
Currently that has no real buffer. However the newer version in Kodi 20 does.
Eventually it will be back-ported to Kodi 19.
Can read more about it here: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=364745

Many thanks for your fast reply.

Sadly, it did not work as I intended. For the shows that only have spanish subtitles, they no appear by default. I need to select them after the episode starts and they work.

I would like that the spanish subtitles (when there are no english subtitles) start by default.

Many thanks in advance
So I need to make Default Subtitle able to take a list. I'll see what I can do Smile
Many thanks in advance!
The latest Slyguy common 0.47.6 should now allow what you want.

With that, simply set
Add-on settings > Playback
Default Subtitle: en,es
Many thanks! It works perfect!
I'm having another issue with subtitles (I'm very sorry, looks like I'm with a black cloud regarding subtitles).

The Spanish subtitles disappear too fast in some shows, so it is kind of impossible to read them. The worst offender has been the Generation Kill series. Sadly, in my territory that show does not have English subtitles to compare, but in other shows (such as Batman Animated Series), they work perfect.

Maybe is an HBO max issue regarding their time stamps of the subtitles, but anyways I wanted to ask here if there is a possibility to fix that in the add on.

Many thanks in advance
try their website or official app and see if they show for longer
I tried the website and they last the correct amount of time.
thanks. Can you tell me an exact episode and time during playback I can compare with?
Episode 7 of Generation Kill, from aprox 00:51:48 (Godfather interview) and then 01:05:12 (that monologue during credits).

The link I am using in case is useful:

I don't know what happened, but now there is no subtitles at all. No english or spanish. This happened after Slyguy Commons updated to 0.47.9.

Many thanks in advance
that update would be unrelated. didnt touch anything to do with subs
ive just tested and getting subs fine...
I'm having the same issue.
Yesterday the subs was working fine, but today subs are not displayed.
Tried different language and nothing is shown.
Debug logs please.
What region are you in?
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