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Full Version: HBO Max
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Looks like inputstream adaptive couldn't load it's wv decrypter. @glennguy - have you seen this before on Android? The paths look a bit funny to me. Almost like it's windows uwp.
2022-12-30 16:40:28.425 T:2675     INFO <general>: Running on Xiaomi M2102J20SG with Android 12.0.0 API level 31, kernel: Linux ARM 64-bit version 4.14.180-perf-g07e6c3c42af9

Xiaomi devices are notorious for widevine issues just so everyone is aware.
@mib77 try uninstalling/reinstalling inputstream.adaptive
Is someone encountering the same issues on Matt's addons after Kodi crashed suddenly?
fixed just now with slyguy common 0.57.5
Now, there is this weird bug that when I update from 19.2 to 19.5 i get a black screen on all video content. (it fixes when going back to 19.2)
you'd need to open a bug with kodi about that issue
Hello good afternoon, the addon has been updated today and since then the audio of movies and series comes out in English I try to change the audio and only 2 audios come out in English, I use the addon from Spain, any solution?
In the setting set your preferred audio as 'es'
Yes, the truth is that everything is in Spanish except the audios.
try v0.10.4 that i just pushed
Hello, good morning, it seems that everything is going well, now it has the 0.10.5 update and if I remember correctly, yesterday it had 0.10.3 (I'm not sure but I think it was that), this week the addon has been updated 2 times. Thanks for everything.
I also had a problem, I was not offered subtitles except English ones. after updating to the latest version 0.10.6, everything works correctly again.
Hi, I have a question. Especially with this addon, I still have quite a few performance issues when playing 4K content. Today, for example, I tried the series House of the Dragon. I have set the maximum quality of the stream and when I check the quality of the stream during playback, it shows me more than 300 Mbps. That's weird isn't it? Actually, I don't know much about these numbers, but I was quite stuck playing it. My internet connection is 300 Mbps, which I think should be enough, even if I'm not completely sure about it now... but rather I think it could be a problem with the HW (Sony Bravia TV).
Where and how do you check speed/quality of the stream during playback?
"House of the Dragon" with max quality (DV&DA) streams with average 30 Mbps. It plays OK on Firestick 4K on WiFi capable of 300Mbit/s speed, connected to Fiber optic 500 Mbit/s router.
Try choosing only Stereo audio in addon settings if it plays Dolby Video correctly.
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