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Full Version: HBO Max
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(2023-05-08, 09:25)matthuisman Wrote: [ -> ]@rosede
From what I read, change to MAX is just re-branding (different logo etc) and a bunch more content popping up.
Let me know once it goes live and I can rename the addon / change logo
There may be other issues - but it's anyones guess until it goes live
Now that Max has gone live, I decided to give it a test.  My initial testing seems to work without issue.  If something changes, I'll update here, but as of right now, its good.
I seem to be having problems with my account that I suscribed to "max" with.

Honestly, I think having two add-ons temporarily would solve issues new users might face with the original addon.
https://github.com/matthuisman/slyguy.addons/issues/454 will track progress of the MAX change
I can confirm that all other regions, apart from USA still work with the add on.........
I'm hopeful HD is achievable on Linux/windows this time around.
Does Kodi playback hecv properly?
Holy smokes!! I got FHD working for Max Original on windows. Bless the Max transition. 
Matt, let me share how I did it.

He didn't actually. A few shows etc have intro chapters that are not encrypted. They then fail at the main content.

Max will be limited quality on non l1 device's just like HBO max was
Matt, no 720p on non l3 devices?
Nope. If I recall it's even slightly more restrictive than HBO max
How unfortunate! Did you also get the issue that if you use the browser token it'd get stuck on 720p and only ads will play with playback of the program not functioning properly only audio works? What type of plans have you tested the add-on with?
Hi, haven't used addon for 6 weeks and after updating all needed to latest versions I have a problem with "Search" option, on My Firestick 4k running Kodi 20.2 (Maven's Kodi-Builds für FireTV)
Instead of a result I get the following error:



Is it HBO-Max addon fault, or something to do with Kodi?

PS. SS are done with reverted Dependency v.0.69.6, that I tried after I got the error with latest Dependency v.70.x
If your in usa, the add-on won't work anymore has HBO max has changed to max. Read the last few pages

Otherwise could be a new bug. In that case advise what search term your using so I can reproduce
No, I'm not in USA, but in Croatia, and ANY TV series name I search returns that error. If I then dive into menus and dig out the show that cannot be searched, it plays OK if I play it from "inside" addon. It also plays OK if I send the show to Favorites, exit from addon and play it from Favorites...

By the way, unlike before, when I used to Log-in with email/password, to get any stream to play I had to Log-off, and Log-in with the ID code. Trying to play a stream when loged-in with email/password I got a different error message... (did not get a SS with it)

As I understand, beginning early next year we will also have the transition to MAX. Is there or will there be an addon version that covers that?
I'm from Hungary, and when I try to go to the season directory of any series, I get the following error:

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