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Full Version: Fox News Live Stream
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I have installed the Kodi AddIn for Fox News but I cannot figure out how to get the live feed.  I am assuming it would be the same content as if I tuned to the Fox News Channel on my DirecTv. 

I have also found articles saying just lookup "Fox News Live Stream" on youtube.  This was fun to setup with the API Keys, and Secrets.

The link on YouTube was showing news from 2018.  Either I am time traveling or this is not working.  Anybody got this working, or know how?

New to Kodi, just replaced my Windows Media Center and upgraded my Media Center PC to Windows 10 Pro. 

That addon does not have a live feed. The Fox News live stream is now a paid service. I just posted elsewhere in this forum a thread asking if there is any chance an addon will be developed for this new subscription service. In case you are interested, it costs around 6€/mo. and is geographically restricted to certain countries. Search for news articles about "Fox News International" for more information or check this website: https://help.fox.com/fox/s/article/How-c...-my-device