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Full Version: Wrong GPS height from jpeg pictures
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When displaying exif information from jpeg pictures the GPS height is reported completely wrong. Instead of e.g. 250m it returns some 6 or 9 digit number like 256342m. It fails for all my pictures independant from how the GPS data have been inserted into the jpeg. If necessary I might upload a sample jpeg (but I don't see any upload mechanisms here).

I'm on a raspberry pi3 using Kodi (18.7 Git:20200612-e2aefdbee4). Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit.
I've discovered the reason for my issue: The GPS altitude within exif tags is a floating point number. Each time if by accident the altitude has no fractional data the altitude displayed by kodi is correct. Thus I'll post a bug within kodi for this.
(2020-12-02, 08:58)olwaldi Wrote: [ -> ]Thus I'll post a bug within kodi for this.

If by that you mean a ticket on the Github Tracker page, then all's good. Smile
Yes. It's here