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Full Version: Artifacts on IPTV channels
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Together with my sister we use exactly same TV boxes (X96 Max+ 4/64) with Simple IPTV Client set up on them. We have the same signal provider with the same channel list. I am using Coreelec, she's running stock android with Kodi installed on it. I have a clear, smooth view, she's getting artifacts on her screen. They usually happen on fast moving objects or high contrast frames. What may be causing it?

A few examples: https://imgur.com/a/TthkfUm
Seems it is a problem with Kodi decoding abilities. We were forced to install Smart IPTV on her Tizen and now it works as intended. Problem solved, I guess!
As far as I’m aware CoreElec supports amlogic directly which may be the reason for lack of decoding issues. Why not just use CoreElec if that works?
Too complicated install process to explain it to her over the web. She's good now, thanks.