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Full Version: Backdrop bit-depth problem?
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In a nutshell, are there any known issues with backdrop files that have a 32-bit depth?

When using AEON, I'd occasionally have backdrops that didn't render - blank screen only. I finally took time to switch files in & out of the target folder to see which ones files were causing the problem, and its isolated to files that have a depth of 32 bits. Filesize for these is 3,601KB versus 2,701KB for 24-bit files of the same dimension.

I've replicated this on two Atlantis installations:
- XP32 with a GeForce 7400 driving a 1280x800 screen
- Vista64 with a GeForce 9300 driving a 1280x1024 screen
MediaStream did the same thing as AEON. Log file included the following three lines:

22:11:43 T:5528 M:2175356928 DEBUG: msg: PICTURE::LoadImage: Unable to open image: Error: (3)
22:11:43 T:5528 M:2175504384 ERROR: PICTURE: Error loading image
22:11:43 T:5528 M:2175508480 ERROR: Texture manager unable to load file:

Other threads on this topic seemed like they turned out to be Xbox classic memory issues, but that's not the case here - my 64-bit setup has 4GB to play with.

I can easily delete the offending files for my setup, but if others have seen similar behavior I'll upload one of the offending files somewhere and log a potential bug.
I know this thread is a couple months old, but thought i should mention that i'm seeing the same behavior. I'm running ubuntu intrepid. So, at least we know it happens on xbox, xp, vista, and linux.

Edit: after a second look I think I was mistaken. I'm not sure what is causing the images to not show up but they're not all 32 bit depth.