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Full Version: How To Add Album Specific Clearlogo
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I have an Artist Information folder set up per the wiki.  Within each artist folder is a folder for each album that contains discart, back, etc.  I have tried adding a clearlogo.png file for each album but the logo does not display during playback unless I update the information for each individual track.  I have to select “Information” for each track and associate the song with the clearlogo.png file that’s in the artist information album folder.  I have too many albums/songs to complete this task during this lifetime!  Anyone have any tips or suggestions?  If the clearlogo file is in the artist information album folder then why won’t the logo display during playback without updating each song on the album individuallly?
I can not help you but I can confirm the similar issue. I had logo.png before and Aeon madnox and all logos was visible. Then they disapear in Madnox. I read a bit and see that I should rename them to clearlogo and now I can see them again but only they way you described (file by file) and similar to you my lifetime is limited to some ddecades Smile  Would be great if that could be fixed while it seems to be related not 1:1 to Madnox, it happens also with the logo to clearlogo change (who ever had this idea). Any hint is welcome.