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Full Version: Installing addons on the xbox kodi
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is there a way to install addons on the xbox kodi version?
I need tvheadend, but in the repositories there are no pvr addons listed.

Thread moved to the XBOX UWP section
The PVR addons are binary addons which should come with the install package so will be already installed so should only need enabling. Go to My Add-ons and in there should be a PVR Clients category which will show you the installed PVR addons.
cool, thnx i found it. only looked in the wrong place.

I could connect the tvheadend to my kodi box, but as soon as i played BBC it crashed the whole xbox series x.
On y second try i could watch cnn for some seconds, when i switched the channel in reset my xbox again.
I think i dont want to brick my xbox. sad. would be cool to just have one device or all stuff.