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Full Version: Global Search support for Quartz
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Thread for discussion of Global Search add-on support within Quartz. It's early days so the skin is quite basic. Expect this product to evolve over time to include tighter integration with quartz.

To preview & help test this functionality, simply drop this file into the skin's 16x9 folder. Feedback is welcome. Cheers!

Gonna try this out today!!!
AWESOME! So much cleaner and sleeker looking! Thank you so much!!! Totally made my year!!!

Just curious, is there any way to implement the sorting and views that the regular search had into this? ie: Large Icon, Year Sorting e.t.c.
IMO, it's hardly worth the hassle of adding views since GS has no facility for remembering a user's preference. You can see this with estuary. Changing the view type is not durable from one invocation to the next. Sorting is certainly a possibility but I would need to ditch the bottom button bar menu for a different style; side-blade perhaps. Nothing is etched in stone at this point...

Edit: Not so sure sorting is possible, actually. None of the other skins are doing it for GS. Will investigate further.
Cool, not a big deal at all. Just making gs and the skin work together makes me smile! Thank you again!!